Restaurant Felix opens in cultural centre Felix Meritis

Restaurant Felix is being opened the 31st of January, seeking to not only become the cultural- but also the gastronomical hotspot of Amsterdam.

 An experience at Restaurant Felix, located alongside the Keizersgracht, consists of qualitative, seasonal products in combination with a great variety of cooking techniques and a daring wine menu. Guests can choose between 3 or 5 courses for lunch and 3, 5 or 7 courses for dinner. Beforehand you will not now what is being served beforehand. A complete vegetarian menu is also available, regardless of the amount of dishes chosen.

 Chef Floris van Straalen
Floris van Straalen, born and raised in Noord-Brabant, learned the tricks of the trade at Oud Sluis***, Pure C**, and Vinkeles*. Afterwards, he became chef de cuisine at Envy for 6,5 years. At Restaurant Felix he deliberately thinks about every aspect of the dish: sustainable cooking with local products. He seeks to amaze guests by expressing art on the plate. In his own words: ‘’The menu should keep up with the current trends, but also seek to astonish the guest and provoke curiosity.’’

Team Restaurant Felix
With various Michelin-starred restaurants on her resumé, like InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam, Yamazato* (Hotel Okura)Bovenkant formulierOnderkant formulier and restaurant Vermeer*, sommelier Saskia Smeenk knows exactly what it is like to share wine knowledge on the highest level.

The stubborn sommelier, as she likes to describe herself, has not limited Restaurant Felix to only use wines from the classic regions, but has taken the opportunity to give the smaller and unknown wine producers a stage. Smeenk: ‘’If we can help these smaller wineries to grow a sustainable business, by telling their stories, then I feel that I fulfilled my purpose.’’

Maître d’, Sander van Loenen Martinet, also has a past at Hotel Okura. Meeting Saskia at the highest level of service, he worked as both sommelier and assistant service manager. Having made the switch to the brand-new restaurant, he got the opportunity to define hospitality. Van Loenen Martinet: ‘’I am used to improve existing restaurants, but now I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge and experience from the beginning. After being taught by multiple tutors over the years, I can finally develop my own vision.

Felix Meritis has been designed by I29, an award winning group of architects. The interior design of the restaurant is a modern interpretation of a 17th century styled dining room, using historical colors and bringing back threaded wall covering.