Renato’s Pizzeria (restaurant)

Edition 5 September, by Paola Westbeek

Authentic pizzas in a convivial atmosphere

A proper pizza – one with a perfect crust and just the right combination of carefully selected toppings – is one of the most craved and delicious culinary indulgences. Creating that ultimate pizza is a mission that Renato’s Pizzeria, located in Amsterdam’s buzzing De Pijp district, has embraced with a most appetising degree of warmth and expertise. But what is it precisely that makes for a great pizza? An answer to that question can be found once you sink your teeth into one of Renato’s authentically made pizzas. They satisfy without being stodgy and shine with a good balance of flavours and textures.

It all begins with the exclusive use of top-notch ingredients imported directly from Italy and delivered fresh to Renato’s kitchen twice per week. Unlike other restaurants that use normal mozzarella, Renato’s prides itself in their buffalo mozzarella, a creamy, soft and incredibly fl avourful cheese. Pizzas are only crowned with freshly sliced deli meats, and as a fi nishing touch, they can be drizzled with their peppery homemade olive oil.

The crust, of course, is another key to Renato’s success. It is thin, airy and crisp, forming a perfect base for the wide variety of delicious toppings. In order to achieve this result, Renato’s makes their dough at least a day in advance. This way less yeast is used, which in turn makes the crust lighter. Choosing is not easy, but favourites include the Pizza della Casa (thinly sliced Parma ham that melts into the pizza once it comes out of the oven, arugula, Parmesan and truffl e oil) and the Cicciolina, a spicy pizza named after an equally spicy lady. It includes spicy salami, pancetta, chili pepper and grilled pepper. Pair it with a Primitivo (a fruity red wine from the Puglia region) and you’re in for a taste sensation. And speaking of wine… wine drinkers, rejoice! Their list boasts plenty of choices per glass and features everything from lighter to fuller wines from a wide variety of Italian regions.

It doesn’t end with those delectable pizzas and wines, however. Antipasti such as the lusciously arranged Tagliere board are also extremely popular; and should the urge strike for something sweet, meals can be rounded off with one of their desserts (including a homemade tiramisu). Served in a homely, convivial atmosphere by a friendly and welcoming staff, Renato’s is bound to become a fi rm favourite for any pizza lover who visits the city.

Karel du Jardinstraat 32
1072 SK Amsterdam,
T: 020 673 2300
The restaurant is opened every day from 17:30 until 22:00