New cookbook Restaurant De Kas – Plant to Plate

Amsterdam-based restaurant De Kas has one mission: to serve the absolute best plant-based dishes featuring home-grown ingredients. Each of the dishes in its cookbook pay hommage to nature. At De Kas, produce is sourced at just the right time, from the restaurant’s own garden as well as  from local farms in Amsterdam and the Beemster. Farm-to-table, organic, sustainable, plant-based, no-waste, locally sourced, seasonal cooking: these culinary ‘trends’ have been part of this restaurant’s DNA for the past twenty years. What’s harvested in the morning is served in the afternoon.

Chefs Wim de Beer and Jos Timmer have teamed up with house photographer Rinze Vegelien to create their first book, Restaurant De Kas – Plant to Plate. The book takes readers from their nursery in Amsterdam and their garden in the Beemsterpolder to the kitchen and tables of the restaurant, offering up 80 irresistable recipes for the home cook in the process.
To cook like De Kas means cooking with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, with respect for nature, in a way that’s both simple and refined. Think oven-roasted beets with lavender and blackberries; ajo blanco with green beans, Saturn peach and basil; or a dessert cooked up with strawberries, verveine, and custard.

About the chefs
Wim de Beer made a name for himself at restaurant Parkheuvel in Rotterdam and Bolenius in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district; Jos Timmer did so at restaurant Vermeer  in Amsterdam and while working with Jamie Oliver. Wim and Jos met when they were both working at Restaurant Rijks®, in the Rijksmuseum, which was awarded its first Michelin star just then. They were hired by De Kas in 2017 with a mandate to give their creativity and imagination free reign; in 2018, they became joint owners of the restaurant. It has been their mission ever since to use their cooking to cultivate enthusiasm and excitement in their guests for sustainable, seasonal, and locally sourced dishes.

About De Kas
Restaurant De Kas is situated in Frankendael, a public park in the east of Amsterdam. A gigantic greenhouse (‘kas’) was constructed there in 1927 to provide other city parks with trees and grasses as well as more exotic plants, including banana and palm trees. Demand went down as the century progressed, and by the late 1990’s the greenhouse seemed ready to be dismantled. In 2000, though, the structure was repurposed by Gert Jan Hageman, the owner at the time, who turned it into a restaurant that soon became a beloved fixture of the neighborhood and the city at large.

At De Kas, cooperation is key. In addition to maintaining close bonds with their growers, De Beer and Timmer also work closely with Fort Negen, a local bakery; urban beekeeper Fero Hartzuiker; and other bespoke suppliers in and around Amsterdam. For this book they also partnered up with photographer Rinze Vegelien as well as with Marjoke de Heer, who created all ceramics featured in its pages.

Available in stores and online for 34,99