Mr. Sipp – Knock A Hole In It

Edition 20 June 2017

Mr.Sipp is the alter ego of gospel guitarist Castro Coleman. At an early age, it became clear that Castro Coleman was in the cradle for a career in the world of music. After all, since his sixth year of life, Mr.Sipp and his guitar were inseparable. This special friendship has remained and now thirty years later more than ever. From 2012 Castro Coleman decided to shift the accent of his music from gospel to blues. The fact that this choice has been well taken has been proved by the praisful criticisms and prizes that have contributed to its blues music.

On the thirteen-song album, Mr.Sipp again shows, besides he is a merry blues guitarist to be an excellent singer. From the first song we hear the love for Mr.Sipp’s music and craftsmanship. After listening to the album, it’s good to understand that the guitarist and singer was nicknamed “The Mississippi Blues Child”. With the enthusiasm and talent given, it is obvious that Mr.Sipp will continue to be a great deal for the blues music. With the album ‘Knock In A Hole’, Mr.Sipp makes it clear why.