Islamic Art Exhibition at The Hague Municipal Museum

Edition 1 February 2019, by Pejman Akbarzadeh

The Hague Municipal Museum holds one of the largest collections of Persian ceramics and glasses, which forms the core of its latest exhibition of Islamic Art. The exhibition, entitled “Splendour and Bliss”, presents rare ceramics, glassworks, calligraphies and musical instruments next to one another.

Islam’s artistic traditions, rooted in Mesopotamia and Persia, has produced some magnificent art objects throughout its history, some of which found their way to the East Asia and Europe. The first Islamic Art exhibition in the Netherlands was organised in 1927 by the Hague Municipal Museum. That exhibition consisted mainly of objects on loan from collections abroad. In 1993 the museum presented the important al-Sabah collection in an exhibition entitled Islamic Art and Patronage: Treasures from Kuwait. This was followed by Oriental Glass in 2006, a small exhibition showcasing the Islamic glass collection.

The Gemeentemuseum is organising a programme of literary, culinary and musical events in association with “Splendour and Bliss – Arts of the Islamic World”, in collaboration with writers, chefs and musicians from the countries of origin of the objects on show. The museum is also launching a programme of tours and workshops for adults and children, and will be stepping up its activities in local districts of The Hague, to ensure that all residents have a chance to encounter this unique collection.

“Splendour and Bliss – Arts of the Islamic World” will be on held till 3 March 2019 in The Hague.
Stadhouderslaan 41 2517
HV The Hague
3 February 2019