Hokkai Kitchen (restaurant)

Edition 30 August 2018

Hokkai Kitchen – Perhaps the tastiest sushi of the Netherlands is eaten on a small business park in IJmuiden at this crazy restaurant. After fifteen years of producing authentic Japanese dishes, founder Marinus Noordenbos thought it was time to show the locals what this little restaurant can do. A chef from the Okura Hotel was recruited to serve the most fantastic dishes. Because Hokkai itself processes the fish, it always works with the best fish and that’s clear from the taste. Besides beautiful nigiri, we are particularly impressed by the sashimi cocktail, that’s part of the Chef’s Omakase menu. To get to this restaurant, you will have to take a drive, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Pro tip from a local: the restaurant is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays until 19:00, but if you book for 18:30 you can stay for hours!

Hokkai Kitchen
Egmondstraat 2
1976 BR IJmuiden
tel. 06-13146246
[email protected]