Generation Wealth (exposition)

Edition 30 September 2018

What are you really like? And what do gold handbags, gleaming sports cars, glittering jewellery, luxury villas and ‘killer bodies’ have to do with it? American photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield (b. 1966) has been concerned with the subject of ‘wealth’ for 25 years, portraying both the ‘rich and famous’ 1% and those who do everything in their power to project the same image. With over 200 photographs and several short films, Generation Wealth promises to be an impressive account of some people’s burning desire to appear wealthy at any price. Generation Wealth is not about the rich and famous, but about the burning desire for more. Under the influence of role models like Kim Kardashian, this desire becomes a driving force, but also increasingly an unrealistic quest for people from all levels of society. Many accrue huge debts acquiring more luxury goods and trying to conform to an ideal.
The Hague Museum of Photography
Until February 3, 2019