Summer camps

Most children who go to summer camp come alone. This is often the first time that they participate. Suddenly they have to decide for themselves which clothes they wear, what activities they want to take part in or (sometimes) what they exactly eat. In principle the children learn to make more independent decisions than in ‘normal life. So they are working on their self confidence from which you can never have enough. In the future they need it, for example, to be successful in work, in love and with sports. When children develop self-confidence through greater independence, they also dare to take part in new activities and develop themselves more broadly, in addition to the activities with which they were already familiar.

One of the biggest plus points of summer camp experiences for children is that they develop their social skills. At camp, good supervisors ensure that every child is included in the group, group activities and has a good interaction with other children. Children learn to give and take in a group life. They learn to work together, that they can count on others and, more importantly, that others count on them. Friendships that are made on camp are often extra special. Even when children only come from another school, the diversity is greater and they learn to see each other in a different perspective. Children are accepted at camp for who they are and not what they wear, what they are good at or what they look like. This is because in the setting of a summer camp, care and respect normally always go beyond materialistic or short-sighted objectives. Depending on the type of camp, the children learn all kinds of skills during each activity at a camp. Think of dancing, cooking, sailing, pony riding or surfing.

The start of the summer holiday season is about to begin. For many teens and children, the best time of the year. They have six to nine weeks of summer holiday. That sounds great, but for many parents it is a challenge to keep the children occupied during this period, also because most of them have a limited number of holidays. Nowadays it’s also a real challenge to keep their children away from spending all their time behind game consoles tablets and mobile phones. There is a clear trend towards the educational summer camps, focussing on a certain aspect. There are many English language Camps, where children immerse themselves in one language. It will give their English a great boost. These Language Camps are also offered in the Netherlands, organized in beautiful locations sometimes, A good example of this is the Summer Camp which is in Castle Assumburg in Heemskerk, organized by Engels voor Bengels. Most participants here are from The Netherlands, but there are also children from countries like Russia, Mexico, Korea, Spain and Austria who follow the programmes. Even the teachers come from the United Kingdom and the United States. In the morning, the knowledge of the English language is given a boost. Grammar, vocabulary, communication and presentation are all being covered in the morning programme. In the afternoon the teens are busy with outdoor group activities. After this we give you some inspiration which can help you to find the ideal summer camp for your child.

Theatre camps

Is your child crazy about theater, musicals etc? There are summer camps where they can put their own stories in scene, play improvisation games on the beach and participate in cool activities and creative workshops! An ideal camp if your child is studying at Whether you are already studying at a music, musical or drama school, but also if it has no experience at all. How nice it can be to discover that there is a good actor, musician or musical star in your child.

Adventure camps

Adventure camps are very popular with children because most of them like sports activities and they can spend a lot of energy by these. Moreover, there is the competitive aspect and they learn to work together. There is a wide choice of activities and locations, as well in The Netherlands, Belgium and other countries (The Ardennes are a very suitable and popular area). It is impossible to mention all possibilities here, so made a selection and mention some of them. Mountain biking can be done at several places. Of course, mountain biking is fun in a hilly area, at least on a heavy surface. That is why these camps are kept often in countries such as Belgium, France and Germany. But there are also enough areas in the Netherlands that are suitable to get everything out of yourself does your child love water sports? Then consider a canoe summercamp. Other possibilities are camps where your child can practice standing on a wakeboards or water skies.

Robinson camps

A Robinson Camp is a good opportunity if your child is good at (nearly) everything or has an interest in several types of activities. For example they can build their own raft, learn to shoot with bow and arrow and at some camps they build their own cabin to sleep. Also they learn something more about nature like eatable plants (and not eatable of course). By a great variety of activities they can improve their brain, strength, cooperation and perseverance. This is why these kind of camps are very popular.

Science camps

Is your child a whiz kid or is it happy to research things? Then a science camp is an option.. Science and fun go well together, that’s for sure. By several workshops with a ‘real professor’ they learn to work together and find out how things work, also the effect of combining materials. Crisp tubes and slimy slurries alternate with colorful trays that bubble and burst. They will also get to know the world of the scary, jagged creatures that you they find under their feet and discover that insects play a very useful role in our ecosystem.

These are just a few examples of things children can do during these kind of camps. course there is also enough time forother activities like swimming, etc.Those examples are not a completeoverview. There is just somethingfor everyone. There are a lot of organizerswhere your child can experiencea fantastic time, combinedwith learning a specific language orimproving their skills.