Great summer camps for kids!

The summer holiday has started, and your child has some very long weeks ahead. Hopefully, they will play outside every day and spend as little time as possible with their tablets or mobile phones. Hopefully, they will enjoy themselves, discover new things and have unexpected experiences. Maybe the best way to fulfil this wish is to attend a summer camp in the Netherlands. Seven reasons why your child will have an unforgettable experience if they sign up for a summer camp!

1 Fun!
Every child likes to have a good time, to feel comfortable and make friends. At summer camp having fun is priority number one. Next to this, children get out of their standard routine. For a moment there is no school, no sports or swimming lessons – of course, this makes almost every child very happy.

2 Development of social skills
All children at summer camps are, together with the crew, one big family. Within a family you respect each other, and you need each other to have a good time. You learn to help each other and you learn that that helping others is a lot of fun. And you are together with other children all the time. You share your toys and your bedroom, you eat together and do activities together, which will teach your child how to share, communicate and look out for each other. This creates a natural situation in which children get the opportunity to develop themselves in caring and collaboration skills and in personal growth.

3 Get outdoors
Because of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, children play outside less often. Research from the United States has shown that on average a child uses an electronic medium (computer, TV, game computer) for 5.5 hours a day. This is a concern to many parents. Of course, the amount of screen time varies per family, but take a moment to realize how often your child is watching a screen. Being active together with other children in an outdoor environment stimulates development and lowers stress levels.

4 No mobile phone or tablet
Every organization has a phone policy. At Summer Camps Holland, children hand their phones to the staff, because summer camp means fun, friends and an amazing experience. Every night there is a phone moment where children can call their parents if they want to. The experience says that the children love to have their phone during the phone moment on the first few days, but after day 3 there is not much interest in the phone anymore. An often-heard quote is: “Mom, I really don’t have time to call or message you, I am playing a game right now.” By physically playing, feeling real emotions and doing real activities, a new and beautiful world opens for them.

5 Make new friends
For many parents and children, this is the scariest thing when going to a summer camp. Will my child be accepted in the group? What if my child does not have fun? Nevertheless, friendships for life are made every year! A week of summer camp is full of fun activities which helps children to feel comfortable. To break the ice, every camp starts with a big get-to-know-you-game! Additionally, the crew is well trained and has years of experience to ensure an unforgettable camp for every child.

6 Gaining new experiences
Children do a lot of new activities during a summer camp. Some children are a bit shy at first, but by trying they discover they can do much more than they thought. Some children do not want to climb very high on are climbing wall, but after three attempts they often get to the top very easily. Others might discover that canoeing is their thing.

7 Become independent
During a camp, children have to make their own decisions. They will have to think about what to wear, finishing their plate, preparing their own lunch (so, they have to think about how hungry they will be at lunch time), go to bed on time (of course the crew keeps an eye on this). If they make the wrong decision, they are the ones feeling the consequences. But apart from this, they also learn to ask others for help if they need it.

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