Your online stop for education!

Pupils, students, teachers and parents are at home en masse because of the strict corona measures. How do you arrange education? This requires enormous adaptation from all of us.
We are streaming, zooming, teaming, YouTubing or using Hangouts and other resources to get in touch, stay in contact and organize education. This goes by trial and error. It is admirable to see how flexible we are and how quickly we have set up distance education. Long-distance education requires new skills and competences and is therefore not easy for everyone. We run into all kinds of (peripheral) things and we are all together reinventing the wheel.
The most beautiful initiatives, experiences, content and instructional videos appear online, and many people would like to share then with each other. How nice would it be to bring all this information together on one platform and share it with the whole of the Netherlands.
Whether you are a parent who suddenly has to homeschool their child(ren), or a teacher who has to switch from offline to online lessons, or an education manager who wants to inspire or support their team. Everyone can access tips and inspiration or share their knowledge and experiences with others.
This platform brings together supply and demand for primary, secondary, vocational and language education. You will find all kinds of information, from ICT solutions, instructional videos, tips and tricks to interesting blogs and webinars, with the aim of supporting ‘new’ education: distance learning and education in the 1.5 metre society. Together we are strong!