Tedx event The British School in The Netherlands

Edition 28 December 2018

The British School in The Netherlands hosted its first ever Tedx event and it certainly was a day full of big ideas worth spreading. Months of preparation, planning and coaching led to the BSN hosting its first ever [email protected] event on Thursday 9 November. The theme of the event was #BigBOLDWorld and the intention was to provide an inspirational teaching and learning opportunity for the students. In total 17 different speakers including BSN Junior and Senior School students and 6 guest speakers stood on that big red dot to share with passion and pride, their stories and ideas with the audience. On the day itself, over 40 volunteers worked tirelessly to coordinate the event and through the live streaming, it was viewed in countries as far as India and Canada.

The student speakers spoke on a wide variety of themes from embracing change to reducing food wastage. The international speakers had travelled as far as Canada and they included Cole Webber, a passionate educationalist who believes that self-education is the currency to the future. Wendy Mensink a graphic designer with an unrelenting passion for space and a determination that landed her a job at the European Space Agency. Nick van Breda, a former gaming addict who now is addicted to connecting people no matter where they are to make change. Dr Mindy Howard who trains astronauts on dealing with the physiological effects of space travel and believes that understanding the inner self can help us to embrace the outer world. Rowan McCabe the world’s first doorto- door poet believes that words can combat loneliness and prejudice. Lastly, Hashim Syed, a BSN 2015 Alumnus believes that great leadership is something that can be learned and that we just need to be open to unlocking our inner leader.

Throughout the day, the audience was entertained by original song performances from two Senior School students, covers by talented musicians, a moving drama piece and a physically moving gymnastics performance. Over 40 student volunteers were able to participate in ways that interested them; students were able to sit with the sound and lighting crew to shadow them, others assisted the stage management backstage or helped in the atrium during the Interactive Session. Here is to living in a #BigBoldWorld.