Tall ship B.A.P. “Unión” from Peru at the port of Rotterdam

Edition 5 September, by Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro

On Tuesday, 8 August the Peruvian Sail Training Ship, the “Buque Armada Perunana Unión“ arrived at the Port of Rotterdam, at Wilhelmina Pier, Holland Amerika Kade. The ship was docked until 12th August and it was a great opportunity for all the people interested to visit the fourmasted Saling ship. The “B.A.P. Unión”, which was incorporated on 26 January 2016 to the Peruvian naval fl eet, is the biggest vessel of its type in Latin America and the second in the world. Built entirely in Peru, in the Navy Industrial Service (SIMA), the B.A.P. Unión is the achievement of a great national aspiration. It is considered part of the Peruvian territory, at sea and abroad, like an itinerant Embassy of Peru.

The Training Voyage of the Tall ship, the second of this kind, began in May this year and will end in November and comprises the following countries: Panama, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Dominican Republic and Ecuador. It is the fi rst time that the B.A.P. Unión visits Europe.

In this journey, the “B.A.P. Unión” won a Sail Ship crew parade in the “A” category of Tall ships in the “Sail Boston 2017” last 19 June in the United States. Also, it had a remarkable participation at the “Rendez- Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta”, the biggest international encounter of Tall Ships of Canada which took place in the framework of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation. In that occasion obtained the fi rst place in the general ranking and its category. It also was the fastest Sailing ship of the competition, travelling 450 miles in 43 hours.

The commanding offi cer of BAP Union, Captain Franz Bittrich Ramírez says that he is most satisfi ed to be able to guide the group of men and women that crew this important ship, which is a valuable tool of their future sailors, as well as an itinerant embassy, which contributes the State Foreign Policy and that carries a message of peace and unity for the world, typical feature of their country. For a period of six months their future officers will receive a formation defi ned in values and in the purest naval traditions, where they will complement what was learned at the Naval Academy, with the life at sea, improving the competencies, such as leadership, fortitude, value and teamwork, having as a result a fierce character and increased sailor spirit.

In this second, instruction trip, the first to Europe, they expand the extension of the Peruvian presence in the world, being of great relevance to be able to bring homeland to every port that is visited. The captain says, eventually I renew the commitment of holding up the name of “Union” as our renowned hero, Great Admiral Grau, did a hundred years ago, by commanding bravely the heroic “Union” Corvette on February 7th, 1866 in the Naval Combat of Abtao. We hope that the ethical and moral values that we inherited from the distinguished Admiral will mark the voyage that we start and also that this trail of professionalism, honor and integrity will be the individual guideline of behavior of each member of the crew of BAP “Union”.