CTG scan for pregnant women in your own environment

Monitoring of the unborn baby at home every day with a CTG scan. It is possible for pregnant women with a medical indication who are supervised by HMC Haaglanden.

 There they are, mother Marije and her perfectly healthy daughter Elin, only a few weeks old. There was a certain moment, at the end of Marije’s pregnancy that Marije would have to go to the hospital every day. The baby in her belly had a growth restriction and should be monitored closely. Ultimately, with the help of a CTG scan at home, Marije was able to make a daily heart recording herself, which was viewed in HMC by doctors and midwives. “Very nice, especially during the Corona period.”

The remote CTG scan is fully used at HMC during this time. Pregnant women who may have a problem are given a device and iPad to take measurements at home. It concerns pregnant women with a medical indication.

In the case of Marije because the baby in her belly had a growth restriction. “I was given a briefcase containing a device which is easy to operate,” says the brand-new mother, who gave birth to Elin on 4 May.  “During 1.5 weeks, I called the midwife daily to indicate that I was going to make the recording and to tell her how I was doing. I connected the device to the iPad and 45 minutes later I called the midwife again, who discussed the results with the doctor and then I was given feedback”.

Own environment
Marije is happy that it was possible in this way. “Otherwise I would have had to go up and down to the hospital every day, or maybe even have to be admitted to the hospital for a longer period of time. Now I was able to stay in my own environment. Very nice and less stressful!”

This so-called home monitoring system was developed some time ago and has also been successfully used in HMC before. At the initiative of gynecologist Kim Boers, its use has accelerated in this Corona period. With the collaboration of midwife physician Myrthe Bouwman and the midwives of HMC, home monitoring is now a standard part of family-oriented care for the Obstetrics department.

“The remote CTG scan is really the future,” says gynecologist Kim Boers. “It saves pregnant women a lot of time and worry, because they can stay in their own environment. In the case of Marije, we deployed it because the baby was stunted and she would have to come for a check-up every day. But we can also use the CTG scan for pregnant women who are anxious because of their history, or to monitor pregnant women with premature ruptured membranes. With the remote device we can sometimes prevent hospital admissions of several weeks – and in most cases a lot of stress!” Even if there are already older children at home, it is nice that the mother can just be at home. If the remote monitoring shows that the baby’s condition is less optimal, the doctor will take action. Women then come to the hospital and receive appropriate examinations and treatment. Currently, the device can only make a heart recording remotely, but that will change quickly, says Kim Boers. “Very soon pregnant women can also measure their blood pressure themselves. We are constantly developing in this area”, says Dr. Boers.

For more information of the Midwifery department and give birth in HMC Haaglanden, please watch the video we recently made at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlYQNo3w8yg;

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Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro, Expat Coordinator HMC Haaglanden in collaboration with Dr. Kim Boers