Cows dance outside during the opening of the farming season

Festive outdoor grazing at Campina farm with top skater Patrick Roest

Today is the official first day of spring. Campina traditionally ushers in the farming season at the beginning of spring. Campina ambassador and top skater Patrick Roest had the honour to open the barn doors on Edwin Daatselaar’s farm in Baarn, where the cows left the barns for the first time this year.

With the opening of the barn doors, Campina celebrates the start of the farming season; spring is ‘mooing’ again. Dairy farmers look forward to seeing their cows in the pasture every year. This is also the case for farmer Edwin, who took over the farm from his uncle in 2015. Edwin: “With the start of spring, the season that the cows can graze in the pasture begins. As a farmer, it’s a great moment for me every year, and this year it radiates extra positivity. Cows that dance towards spring in the fresh landscape, beautiful!”

Campina ambassador Patrick Roest agrees: “After the skating season I love to spend a lot of time outside and therefore always look forward to the start of spring. I grew up on a farm and to me, meadows with grazing cows are really part of the Dutch landscape and spring.”

Together strong for nature
Dairy farmer Edwin is engaging in landscape management and improving the role of natural life on and around his farm. He proudly produces milk with the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ quality mark. This milk is more sustainable and certifies high standards of animal welfare and nature and climate improvements. For example, Edwin uses solar panels for renewable energy, has installed massage brushes for the cows in the barn and sows herb-rich grassland to attract a wider variety of insects. FrieslandCampina, in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten, embraces the ambition to create a substantial increase in natural areas on farmlands. This creates more space for meadow birds and vulnerable plants and animals and ensures that the beautiful Dutch landscape is preserved for future generations. By buying Campina products with the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ quality mark, consumers can support farmers in this important task.