Innovative residential concept to launch in Dutch housing market

HUT: plug-and-play apartments

HUT will be launching a new type of residency in Amsterdam by the end of 2017; new and innovative ‘plug-and-play’ apartments where technology and services are just as important as living comfort. Consider it as living in the city centre with your private hotel services. You might think this is only for the rich and famous, think again because the prices are quite fair! HUT spreads out at three apartment complexes at Beursstraat, Warmoesstraat and Spuistraat in Amsterdam´s historic city centre.

The idea is simple: all residents have to do is move in, because the apartments have already been fully furnished by designer duo Prast&Hooft. Residents will be able to manage their home and facilities using the multi-functional HUT app that includes a variety of features and services such as laundry, parcel delivery, breakfast, bicycle and gym services. All residents will have access to shared and sustainable HUT bikes. High-speed Wi-Fi will also be accessible for everyone and the communal lobby on the ground floor may be used at any time. Aside from that, the lobby houses small shops and a juice bar to fulfil all the residents’ needs.

The Smart Home System can be used to regulate the apartment’s temperature, switch lights on and off and open and close the front door. Nice addition, the app will give residents tips on what to do in the vibrant city, provided by true Amsterdam-insiders from the food-, clubbing-, art- and health scene.

We’ve spoken with Herman Prast and Ronald Hooft from Prast&Hooft about this exhilarating project. They are responsible for HUT’s total look & feel. HUT is new to the Dutch housing market, can you tell us a bit more on what HUT can offer residents? Comfort. As you only have to bring a suitcase and a toothbrush. We’ve taken care of everything you need. No need to move in furniture or kitchen ware. No need to make other moving-in arrangements. It’s the perfect project for young professionals and expats as there is a high demand for these kinds of locations.

Can you tell us more about the look & feel you’ve created for HUT?
Everything is made to measure within the apartments, so all the space is used to bring ultimate comfort. The materials and textures bring a sense of warmth and are vibrant. The ceilings are made of concrete, complementing the grey seamless floors. We’ve added a nice black kitchen and finished it off with comfortable furniture and pink accents. Residents will feel at home in an instance and the look & feel easily appeals to both men and women. From the outside, we’ve kept the historic and monumental features of the building.

Could you tell us more about sustainability within HUT as this plays a role within the project?
Well, as these are historic buildings, energy efficiency wasn’t that high, so we’ve modernised them. The facades have been isolated, the under floors are heated and we’ve used LED throughout the whole building. Aside from that, the curtains are made of recycled PET bottles and residents have to separate their waste.

There are four types of apartments, which one would you like to live in yourselves?
That’s a hard one for us, because every building has its own atmosphere and qualities. We love the combination of the concrete and soft tones of the furniture at the Beursstraat, but from the Warmoesstraat you have the best view, looking over at the Oude Kerk. Then again, at the Spuistraat you live in a former warehouse with 4 meter high ceilings and cosy bedrooms located at the attic. So we’d rather not choose but just rotate locations for a while!

The apartments are available for a minimum rental period of 6 months and it is possible for companies to rent them and offer them to their employees. HUT focuses on young professionals and expats but is accessible to a broader target audience. In total, 59 apartments are being built and spread over 3 locations. HUTs are available in four sizes. Two single occupancy apartment types; the HUT Cute (40-50 sq. m.) and the HUT compact (50-70 sq. m.) And two double occupancy apartments, the HUT Big (65-85 sq. m.) and HUT Super (85-115 sq. m.). Rental prices vary from € 1450,- per month and up.

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