Cyclespace: mobility as a lifestyle

Edition 18 May 2017

Studies have shown that people that cycle to their work are more alert, creative, resilient and healthy. Businesses that foster cycling opportunities can attract and retain talent more easily.

At Cyclespace they believe in ‘Mobility as a Lifestyle’. The idea that people will move, even at work, even at their desk. They will move even when sitting in self-driving vehicles. They will move on their electric bicycles, and at home. Cyclespace is showcasing ideas that point to this more active future. A future where people will be ever more aware of how important it is to take care of their bodies.
The organization promoting and scaling the impact that the bicycle is having now, and into the future. For this goal they offer several programs to make it possible for companies and other organisations to use their facilities. For example they organize events and conferences as an inspiring venue to host and stimulate up to a 150 participants. Another interesting possibility is the workshop about fl ex work/play spaces. If you are hosting a visiting group from overseas you can introduce them to the Dutch innovation cycle culture.

Welcome to the Zuidas

‘We are discovering more evidence that a healthy, sharp, active, adaptive mind starts with a physically fi t body. Before Elon Musk plugs us all into the Neuro- Link, we’ll discover that continuous physical activity, oscillating between few high intensity moments, and mostly low intensity movements, will result in better sleep, more energy, quicker thinking, better ideas, and more focus. This is Mobility As A Lifestyle. And it starts with the bicycle. A very modest 200 year old invention, but one that, if you look at Welcome to CycleSpace Zuidas!’ Maud de Vries, co founder of Cyclespace says. CycleSpace will construct a temporary high-end facility at Zuidas (planned for Spring 2017), with content and programming that will push the boundaries of cycling innovation. The focus will be on stimulating more cycling at Zuidas, and worldwide, also by offering Active content, like the Bicycle Mayor Office, ‘Bicycle Tindr’ and active workspaces. CycleSpace believes that people will choose to be active more often and in more places than ever before and that the projected growth rate, has the type of adaption curve that any Silicon Valley VC would be drooling at! A technology that, all at once, makes you smarter, gets you to places efficiently, keeps you healthy, keeps you connected to the place you live in, makes you feel like a human being, allows you to have eye contact with your fellow citizens, allows you to travel and discover. Every month there will be a focus on a new theme at The Zuidas. The focus in April is Health, May is Intelligence, June is Commuting, July is Travelling, August is Social Impact, September is Future of Cities and October is Innovation

Bicycle Mayor & Leader Program (bicyclemayor. org)

The Bicycle Mayor Program is a global program to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities and help get the next billion people onto bikes. For this Cyclespace creates the Global Bike Path which will link together all of the local, regional, national and transnational bike paths to create a global bike path network. The internet of bicycles! Velofund The world’s fi rst and only bicycle centric crowd-funding platform, VeloFund primarily focuses on radically new and disruptive ideas that have massive potential impact.
There are many projects ongoing now to reach the goals. We cannot mention them all, those are too many, but we will highlight some of them.


This is a solution to create a safer environment for cyclists (tourists and citizens) in Amsterdam. Each year, there are coming more and more tourists to Amsterdam. Partly because of this, bike lanes are getting more crowded and this can cause dangerous situations. CycleSense is an experiment to understand the cycling behavior of tourists by using smart technology. Tourists are directed to areas out of the city center in a safe way. The question is: does it make tourist feel safer on their bicycle? Do they experience more joy? Are the traffi c fl ows more spread now?

Amsterdam Bicycle City

With 67% of all trips by bicycle in the city center, Amsterdam is by far the most bicycle oriented city in the world. How do we share our gifts, knowledge, experience and innovations with the rest of the world? Rather than launching one massive ego-centric institution, Cyclespace imagines four facilities in the four corners of the city- each focusing on a theme related to the impact of the bicycle on the future. Noord is tourism, West is getting new people on bikes (the young and recent arrivals), Zuid is commuting, and East is technology. The whole region then becomes known as Amsterdam Bicycle City (ABC) with innovation clusters fi nding new solutions and creating business and social impact opportunities. The facilities also act as a magnet, to draw tourists and visitors away from the city center and introducing them to the wider region and all it has to offer.

VeloFund (upcoming)

The world’s fi rst and only bicycle centric crowdfunding platform, VeloFund primarily focuses on radically new and disruptive ideas that have massive impact potential. Examples of funded projects could include products or services that have the highest potential to radically shift mode share, make cycling safer, more enjoyable and more liberating in cities worldwide. The inaugural project is a bicycle seat called Moovah, designed for the Muslim world that allows women to ride safely, comfortably, and appropriately.

Bicycle Mayor Program

The Bicycle Mayor Program is a global program to accelerate the progress of cycling in cities and help to get the next billion people onto bikes. Bicycle Mayors are a catalyst to bring together the public and private realms to uncover the massive economic, health, and environmental benefi ts of increased cycling capacity.

Bicycle Innovation Festival

The innovation festival will be an open call for ideas over the past year that have, in some way added to the growing momentum of cycling worldwide, or has elevated safety, enjoyment, or the happiness of riders.

Family Bike Day

With Family Bike Day we want to re-introduce joy, fun, and fl ow into the ritual of learning how to ride. In 2017 we will organize a bike ride and bike lessons in the city center of Amsterdam. The roads will be closed for cars and families can enjoy a great day of cycling to the fullest.