The Extraordinary Italian Taste 18 – 24 November 2019

Edition 31 October 2019, by Andrea Perugini Ambassador of Italy to the Kingdom of The Netherlands

Fourth Week of the Italian Gastronomy in the World

Following up to the great success of last year’s edition, when over twenty events were organized with the collaboration of many important international agencies and local institutions, the Embassy of Italy to the Netherlands is glad to announce that this year’s new edition of the “Week of the Italian gastronomy in the world” will take place from the 18th to the 24th November 2019.

The event is an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Republic, in cooperation with other ministries, agencies and associations. Italian gastronomy is one of the most successful and iconic traditions of the “Bel Paese”, capable of generating a considerable turnover and of attracting an increasing number of tourists to Italy. The main theme of this year’s edition, “Food Education, the Culture of Taste”, aims to underline how important it is to look at the quality of products and at their nutritional values in the broader context of a healthy lifestyle and of a complete, balanced and healthy diet, rather than providing the consumer with a mere factual assessment of the single nutrients.

Worldwide, in more than 100 countries, over 1000 scheduled events will unfold simultaneously. Cooking classes, seminars and conferences, tastings and dinners, together with cultural initiatives such as movies, documentaries and projections related to food, concerts and exhibitions, are just some of the activities planned in the framework of this year is “Week of Italian Gastronomy in the world”. In this context, on this fourth edition too the Embassy of Italy to The Netherlands will promote special Italian menus, in coordination with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for The Netherlands and the Italian Tourism Board (ENIT) in Amsterdam, which this year will be sponsored by Barilla Netherlands and by MF Technology, in order to give due visibility and support to 16 selected Italian restaurants in The Netherlands.

During this week, each restaurant will propose a specific day to offer a special menu in addition to their usual menus, all complemented by a selection of Italian wines. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Hotel Crowne PlazaPromenade in The Hague, the Italian Food Festival will take place from Thursday November 21st until Saturday, November 23rd and it will feature a special menu prepared for you by a team of Sicilian chefs. I vividly hope that you will enjoy the flavours and tastes of the Italian gastronomy and that this experience will further encourage you to visit Italy.

For more detailed information about the restaurants, please visit our Embassy’s website and the website of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.





Participating restaurants: