“Primaduta Awards” from the Government of Indonesia

Edition 28 December 2017, by Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro

Two Netherlands’ companies awarded “Primaduta Awards” from the Government of Indonesia in 2017

The Government of Indonesia, this year awarded around 33 buyers from main trading partners and non- traditional markets in recognition of their roles in boosting their country’s trade with Indonesia during the Trade Expo Indonesia, the largest B to B Exhibition in Indonesia last October 2017. Among the 33 buyers, two buyers from the Netherlands have been awarded by the government of Indonesia through Ministry of Trade “Primaduta Award”. The awarded companies are (1) Van Der Leeden Mandwerk B.V. for their good performance in importing rattan furniture and rattan products from Indonesia and (2) Dekker Hout Group B.V. for their performance in importing wood products from Indonesia.

The Primaduta Awards show the Indonesian government’s appreciation to the loyal foreign buyers for their commitments for continuously importing Indonesian products as shown by fi ve years of growth of import transactions, increasing import values, or product category expansion. On Thursday 23 November after having a most delicious lunch at the restaurant Ron Gastro Bar Indonesia, Amstelveen, the Indonesian Ambassador of The Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja offi cially handed over the Award to the Van der Leeden Mandwerk BV and Dekker Hout Group B.V. as an appreciation of their strong commitment on importing Indonesian products for many years with a signifi cant growth. “I personally thank Mr. Luuk van der Leeden, from Van der Leeden Mandwerk B.V and Mr. René van Wijk, representing Dekker Hout Group B.V. for continuously strengthening the import performance with Indonesian Exporter and supplier for many years” Ambassador Puja said. During the ceremonial Primaduta Award lunch, Ambassador Puja eagerly encourages the Netherlands buyers to follow the selection of Primaduta Award by showing the strong commitment of improving their value of import on Indonesian products and yet the Ambassador Puja hopes that there will be more Netherlands Buyers to be chosen and awarded a Primaduta Award next year.

In line with the buyers appreciation, Ambassador Puja also shares the current trade performance of Indonesia-Netherlands for the 3rd- Quarter of 2017 that shows a positive growth of 32,15% compared with the same period of last year. Indonesian Export performance for non- oil and gas is also showing a signifi cant growth of 32.9 % compared with the same period of last year. This indicates the demands for Indonesian products in Netherlands are still growing and robust. With this buyer’s appreciation program, Ambassador Puja expects that the Indonesia trade performance with Netherlands will grow stronger. More Dutch companies were present at this lunch, among others Maas, Verstegen spices & sauces and Garuda Indonesia. Mr. Rick Wouters from Garuda Indonesia mentioned that most businessmen present today are fl ying with Garuda Indonesia to Indonesia.