Centre Français Néerlandais

Throughout history the Netherlands has welcomed people from all corners of the world, people who, by bringing in their culture and traditions, have shaped ours.

One of the countless silent witnesses of this multicultural history can be found right in the heart of Amsterdam’s ancient city centre. Here, hidden in plain sight, lies De Waalse Kerk (the Wallonian Church), a gift from the city of Amsterdam in 1578 to the Huguenots, French Protestants who sought refuge from religious prosecution in their Catholic home country.

In the course of 450 years, Dutch and French culture have intertwined, forming the two strings of the church’s DNA. It is only fitting that, following the closure of French language institute Maison Descartes by the French government, a new cultural institute was founded at this very place: the Centre Français-Néerlandais.

Adopting most of Maison Descartes’ former educational staff and thus inheriting its teaching traditions, the Centre Français-Néerlandais offers both Dutch and French courses on all levels as well as organising a wide variety of cultural events. We believe that native speakers are the best teachers.

We believe in small groups and personal contact. And we believe that having fun is key to learning a language. And vice versa.