Uitmarkt goes digital!

The 43rd edition of the Uitmarkt goes digital. In June, the Uitmarkt launches an online platform where artists, makers and institutions can offer their work to all of the Netherlands for a fee. The revenue will go entirely to the artists and institutions, so that they can generate extra income via the platform. In addition, there will be a ‘hybrid’ Uitmarkt on 28-30 August, at indoor locations with a limited audience and online viewing via live streams and on TV.

This new way of showing cultural events fulfills the enormous needs of the sector, the desire of the public and the aim of the Uitmarkt: to offer the widest and most diverse range of cultural events to the widest possible Dutch audience. This makes the Uitmarkt the national opening of the cultural season.

With the latest announced measures in the fight against the coronavirus, it is clear that a traditional on-site Uitmarkt will not be feasible at the end of August. But at this time, almost everyone in the Netherlands has a huge need for support, inspiration, connection, engagement and entertainment. Many theater makers and cultural institutions try to reach out to their audience through their own or joint channels. We are convinced that the Uitmarkt can and should create a joint stage nationally for makers, artists, institutions and the public.

Uitmarkt 2020 goes digital!
Soon, Uitmarkt will open up a permanent online platform where makers and artists can offer performances all over the Netherlands for a fee. The revenue will go entirely to the artists and institutions. A platform that will host an extremely diverse range of music, dance, theater, books and visual art, from old acquaintances to young talent, for every audience, with a mix of existing works and unique performances created for this purpose. A platform that nourishes, enriches and inspires the Netherlands with art and culture and that offers makers and artists the opportunity to generate income in these unreal times, when most stages are still closed and festivals are not possible. A platform where the public not only finds its favourites but also experiences surprising confrontations with the unknown. A platform that, in the coming months, will expand its reach, together with the cultural sector, into a national focus for art and culture, which Uitmarkt normally stands for.

Uitmarkt Virtual Live
But there’s more! On 28, 29 and 30 August Uitmarkt will offer a virtual live Uitmarkt where everyone can visit at least 25 stages and concert halls online and immerse themselves in an enormously diverse and wide range of performing arts, visual arts, literature, dance, theater, cabaret, classical music, jazz, pop music, musical and film – exactly as the Uitmarkt normally does. Uitmarkt 2020 will be a hybrid festival of digital performances from Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands, small live events on various stages, registrations on national and regional television, with an eye for famous performers and great love for young makers, both those experienced in watching cultural events, as well as new audiences. Just like the 42 previous Uitmarkts, presented free of charge by the makers and institutions, together with our trusted national and regional television and media partners.

In the coming months, the Uitmarkt Foundation and producer XSAGA Festivals will work hard with our financiers, the BankGiroLoterij, the Municipality of Amsterdam and our new sponsor Cultuurticket.nl, to realize this dream.

“Right now, in these exceptional times, when we experience first-hand how much we need and miss art and culture, it is important that we, as the Uitmarkt Foundation, offer a platform where all cultural institutions and makers can present culture to a wide Dutch audience,” says Geerte Udo, director of amsterdam&partners, on behalf of the Uitmarkt Foundation.

About the Uitmarkt
The Uitmarkt has marked the national opening of the cultural season in the Netherlands for 43 years and offers an accessible and inspiring platform for anyone who wants to get acquainted with everything the new season has to offer. It offers a unique national stage for all cultural institutions, companies, publishers, creators and creative people to present their work to a very wide audience. It is a free event with hundreds of previews in all genres of cultural expression. The Uitmarkt is financially supported by the Municipality of Amsterdam, BankGiroLoterij and Cultuurticket.nl.