‘T Huys welcomes creative talent and entrepreneurs as residents New creative hub housed in Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam

New creative hub housed in Hotel De L’Europe Amsterdam

The renovated wing of the hotel – ‘t Huys – opened its doors in March 2020 and is a place where local icons, hotel guests and city locals come together under one roof. It is a place for kinship and connection. Current world events accelerated the idea to strengthen the collaborative nature of a creative hub in ‘t Huys. A holistic concept that adds extra value to ‘t Huys was dreamt up by D/DOCK, Hotel De L’ Europe and supported by interior design studio Nicemakers. These three parties already have been working together on the renovation of the hotel-spaces and noted a strong connection with a similar drive to innovate, which is a good basis for this concept.

How can we generate more liveliness in this beautiful iconic building? We’ve developed a Community Residence and it offers entrepreneurs, creative talent and brand builders the opportunity to move into new part time residencies slash office spaces slash studios.

This concept encourages inspiring collaborations between occupants who work in different fields, but have a similar luxury brand target audience. Occupants and their clients will organize and attend cultural activities and collaborative events that breathe life into the community of ‘t Huys. Nicemakers created three different interior styles to meet the personal taste of each new occupant or guest. Nicemakers’ Dax and Joyce Roll have moved into ‘t Huys as ‘designers-in-residence’. Our D/DOCK team will soon move in as ‘creators-in-residence’.

Artist residency
The artist-in-residence program offers talented artists an inspiring space to work and live for the duration of their residency. The young French painter De Rrusie (1993) is the first artist selected for this program and he will move in to ‘t Huys from early September until late November. De Rrusie is best known for his large intuitive and poetic paintings that are inspired by the sky. His solo exhibition in the De L’Europe hotel opens at the end of the year.

Our CEO Coen van Dijck mentions the fact that D/DOCK focuses on this ‘blending‘ method in their projects for some time now: “By mixing specific functionalities, also named ‘blended-use’, one can enrich the complete building. These times spaces are no longer used for just one functionality. It’s not about a simple equation but about putting relevant disciplines together and generating unexpected crossovers. Our plan to open up De L’Europe for other businesses found ground a while ago, but the Corona-crisis accelerated our movement. As we speak, we are talking to several organisations which will be off added value for ‘t Huys.”

D/DOCK and De L’Europe aim to create a diverse representation of some of the best creative entrepreneurs from different areas and disciplines. The iconic hotel opens its doors for a new target audience and sets the tone for being a place that embraces the essence of the city’s art history, culture and craftsmanship.