Light paintings by Maryolga Nieto at Hop & Stork

One of the first expressions of dissemination of this contribution to contemporary art currently presented by artist Maryolga Nieto in the gastronomic-cultural space “Hop & Stork” in The Hague, was reviewed by Vanessa Andreae and precisely published in The Hague-Amsterdam-Times (April 25, 2008, page 9). It was a writing that entitled “Venezuelan art shines bright in The Hague” referred to his spontaneous, remote and mythological vision that encompasses the virtual landscape, the changes that are generated in the transition from natural light to the “dim darkness” that in “real time” makes the invisible visible, where the use of ultraviolet (UV) light becomes a fascination and visual adventure for the spectators, who manifest their exaltation for colors bright that electrically sprout from the fluorescent material that covers the canvas. That aesthetic conception of the artist, who has lived in the Netherlands since 1997 and was recognized as the “Best Foreign Artist” in 2010 at The Hague. Currently, she has had a long itinerary around the world: Amsterdam, The Hague, Lisbon, London, Paris, , Caracas, Bucharest, Oslo, Brussels, Sidney and the United States.

At the opening in “Hop & Stork” at the Passage, she provided us with a sample that she has named “Delightful tranformation” converted into “Enchanting tranformation”. It is an artistic work belonging to her stage “Origin & Light-Series and includes works from previous stages, inspired by her travels through Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Sumatra, Bali and Los Angeles. an anthology of the different stages of the artist Nieto, which is currently exhibited at Hop & Stork at the Passage.This artisticgastronomic space opened its doors to four events that have counted and will surely have a significant turnout. The sample and unique concept that includes the delight of your senses, the tasting of chocolate with the musical notes in the virtuoso Joaquín Rosa’s neoclassical guitar, as an exhibition space, it included two sections, one, a sample of works recent of the artist Nieto, with the vibrations of the color, use of ink, silicon, acrylic with the inclusion of those sculptures, the work looked impressive of the folkloric tradition of Corpus Christi – a large-format work, inspired by the meaning and ritual strength that Nieto takes motives and expressive strength of The Dancing Devils of Venezuela and their characteristic clothing is represented by the use of masks. A fascinating and entertaining audio-perceptive experience that fuses music, art and chocolate tasting in an intimate atmosphere. Other; with the original works of art Origin & Light-Series by the internationally renowned Venezuelan artist Maryolga Nieto.

The session is limited per night and includes two drinks and a delicious chocolate tasting. Maryolga Nieto, currently performs an intense artistic activity that combines literary activity with published works -between poems and children’s stories- that she writes and illustrates. It is also known for her pedagogical work of years. Her daily activity is the realization of workshops and courses for children and adults at the International Schools: American school in the Hague, British School in the NL and International school of the Hague.

Hop & Stork Passage 82
2511 AE Den Haag