King’s night in the Concertgebouw with Jeangu Macrooy, MEAU, Pitou and Thomas Azier

Jeangu Macrooy photo by Rinse Fokkema

Young Dutch singer-songwriters perform with Camerata RCO in the Concertgebouw

The traditional King’s Night concert is back in Het Concertgebouw with four Dutch singer-songwriters: Jeangu Macrooy, MEAU, Pitou and Thomas Azier. Thus, they follow in the footsteps of international artists such as Patrick Watson, Fink and Benjamin Clementine. On Tuesday 26 April, these artists will perform together with Camerata RCO, an ensemble with members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, during the Music Bowl event, which brings together pop and classical music.

With the new King’s Night concert, a tradition is continued: a special concert in which pop artists connect with a classical orchestra. The Concertgebouw Orchestra previously welcomed a selection of international pop artists during Queen’s Night and King’s Night, such as CocoRosie, Patrick Watson, Benjamin Clementine and José James. Fink even released an album following his performance. In 2022, this formula will be continued, together with youth association Entrée, the Concert Friends of the Concertgebouw and the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

MEAU debut in the Concertgebouw
21-year-old singer MEAU had her breakthrough in 2021 with her number 1 hit That’s you. Her Dutch-language indie pop is popular with a wide audience, as shown by her much-discussed performance in talkshow M. In addition to MEAU, Amsterdam singer-songwriter Pitou is also on the program. In the past year she has performed throughout Europe and at the first Music Bowl in the Concertgebouw

Jeangu Macrooy and Thomas Azier
Since his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, singer and songwriter Jeangu Macrooy needs little introduction: a powerful voice in the Dutch music world with a focus on his Surinamese roots. Moreover, Jeangu is a welcome guest in the Concertgebouw; he previously performed there in the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019, and in 2021 at the Empty Concertgebouw Sessions. To complement the company, the idiosyncratic singer, composer and producer Thomas Azier will perform during King’s Night. He already has several Edisons to his name and is looking forward to celebrating King’s Night in Amsterdam after various European performances.

King’s Night: Music Bowl with Jeangu Macrooy, MEAU, Pitou, ThomasAzier & CamerataRCO

Tuesday 26 April 2022, 9 pm

Tickets from € 29 via