Feel at Home – International Fair online

Sunday 14 March 2021, 11am-5pm

Keeping Internationals Connected

In previous years, the Feel at Home International Community Fair has been a successful one-day event attracting as many as 200 exhibitors and 4000 visitors to The Hague City Hall.

Initially, we were planning to organise the 14th edition of the Feel at Home International Community Fair in February 2021.  However due to the Corona situation, we will not be able to host a physical event with so many people in one location. However, we still believe that there is a need for the Fair to keep international people connected.

Therefore we are pleased to announce we are organising an online event on Sunday 14 March 2021

The Gemeente Den Haag and The Hague International Centre has agreed to be the main sponsor of this 2021 Fair and Volunteer The Hague is also a sponsor.

Thanks to this sponsorship, the Fair is free for sports, social & community groups to host an virtual stand. 

TheHagueOnLine has devised a new online format for the Fair which can potentially attract an even larger audience given that the online element makes the event easily accessible to 70,000 Expats & Internationals living in the Netherlands.

The centre piece of the Fair will be the live streaming via two simultaneous channels from 11:00 to 17:00. You will also be able to engage with stand holders via virtual stands.

Channel 1 – Information and Panel Shows

On the first channel we will broadcast information, interactive debates and panel discussion shows on themes and information relevant to the Expat & International Community.

Online viewers will have the possibility of interacting during the shows and afterwards via breakout sessions.

The six shows are:

  • Welcome to The Hague (by The Hague International Centre)
  • Work and Careers (by The Hague International Centre and Volunteer The Hague)
  • Finance (Partially sponsored by ABN AMRO)
  • Education (Partially sponsored by Leiden University and The Hague University of Applied Sciences)
  • Well-Being
  • Making the most of a mobile life (by The Mobile Life)

Channel 2 – Enjoying Life in The Hague

This channel will stream performances and videos from the Expat and International community, as well as showcasing professional culture, entertainment and sports and there will also be some surprises.

Some of the content will be live but many of the performances will be pre-recorded.


Tickets for the Fair are free. Registration for tickets will open in the middle of February and will be announced on our website www.FeelatHomeinTheHague.com

Virtual Stands holders

Registration for a virtual stand is open. Thanks to our sponsors, “Sports, social & community groups” can have a free virtual stand.

There is a small fee for small business and commercial stand holders.

To register go to www.FeelatHomeInTheHague.com

Participation in live stream shows

Any organisation that would like to participate in either the Finance, Education or Well-being show please email fair@thehagueonline.com

Want to promote your business to the international community?

If you have a business that you would like to promote to the international community in The Hague region via an advertisement or by sponsoring a show. Please email billy@thehagueonline.com

For more information visit our website www.FeelatHomeInTheHague.com