Experience Leeuwarden-Friesland, European Capital of Culture 2018

The North of the Netherlands is vibrant. Together with the province of Friesland, the city of Leeuwarden bears the honourable title of European Capital of Culture in 2018. It’s a year in which Friesland demonstrates, with an extensive cultural programme, how thousands of Frisians join hands with other Europeans to make their own place a better place. A socially enriched and biodiverse world created by artists, farmers, scientists, and people just like you. The motto? Working together with people we know and don’t yet know. Or, as they say in Friesland: working together as an iepen mienskip, an open community. Leeuwarden-Friesland will show that change is possible if you dare to dream, dare to act and dare to be different.

In Friesland, they have already started to make the world a better place. Don’t believe it? Come visit and find inspiration. It’s a year full of highlights in a province that’s bursting at the seams with cultural attractions. So this is just a sample from the huge programme; the language you speak is of no importance at these events. Go to 2018. nl for a comprehensive list of events, tickets, and more. Or download the practical LF2018-app from the App Store or Google Play.

Eise Eisinga Planetarium
Museum – ongoing Franeker

The oldest still working planetarium can be found in a beautiful canal house in Franeker. The Frisian Eise Eisinga built this model of our solar system between 1774 and 1781. Even today, the planetarium shows the current position of the planets. The Eise Eisinga Planetarium is also a museum with a comprehensive collection of historic astronomical instruments and devotes attention to modern astronomy. Reach for the stars!

Salsa Romos | Fuego Festival
Dance Saturday 6 October Leeuwarden

The North knows how to party, so Salsa Romos will be travelling to the Capital of Culture with the Fuego Festival this year. It’s the perfect occasion for a night on the dance floor, dancing the night away to the best Latin and Urban sounds. There are ten workshops at all levels of proficiency and three dance spaces. Conclude this sparkling night with the country’s best Latin DJs.

Open day Farm of the World
Saturday 13 October

De Kreake, Húns Farm of the World organises an open day at Claudy Jongstra’s home base, De Kreake. De Kreake became a productive farm once again by letting international artists, farmers and artisans collaborate using local raw materials and new techniques. An example of the power of creativity and nature. Visitors get the chance to see the special biodynamic garden, stroll through the countryside and buy the products.

Ockham’s Razor Circus – Tipping Point
Acrobatics – 24 and 25 October Leeuwarden

In the arena, five artists move five huge metal poles and create an ever changing decor. The poles balance on their fingertips, are hung from the ceiling, or form a crossroads or forest. The agile artists of Ockham’s Razor play and climb them with acrobatic skills. They decide, at any moment, whether the bars are chaos or rather the path from the chaos through the tipping point. Stand amazed at this British circus.

Escher’s Journey
Exhibition – through 28 October Leeuwarden

M.C. Escher is one of the most famous Dutch artists ever and was born in Leeuwarden. The Museum of Friesland has devoted a comprehensive exhibition to the Frisian native. A journey through Escher’s life is created using more than one hundred works in which you get to know him personally and trace his artistic development from technically skilled graphic artist to world-famous artist. The iconic works that made Escher so famous and loved form the climax and end to the journey. Made possible by ING and De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen

Abe Bonnema Experience
Interactive exhibition – Every Saturday through 29 December Leeuwarden

You’ll have the Capital of Culture at your feet when viewing it from the top of the Achmea Tower in the centre of Leeuwarden. Stand amazed at the exhibition on the work of Abe Bonnema, the Frisian architect who has played such a huge part in shaping Leeuwarden. The Abe Bonnema Experience – Legacy of an Architect is a unique combination of view, spatial experience, exhibition, and interactivity. With this extraordinary event, the initiators put architecture and space firmly on the agenda of Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018.

Lân fan taal
Multidisciplinary – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights through 30 December Leeuwarden

The leaning Oldehove, Leeuwarden’s icon, serves as the perfect background for four video art works created especially for the occasion. The last video projection will make its debut in a festive manner on Friday 5 October. In that weekend, Lân fan taal and Explore the North will organise complete mini festivals, with a mix of local, national and international makers and programme components. Don’t miss out.

Made in Holland
Exhibition – through 19 June 2019 Leeuwarden

Dutch ceramics has been world famous for centuries. The Princessehof Ceramics Museum will present the sensational exhibition Made in Holland: 400 Years of International Renown. Explore four Dutch success stories: Delft Blue, Maastricht pottery, Art Nouveau, and Dutch Design. You can expect imposing flower pyramids, colourful farmer pottery, popular Gouds plateel, and quirky concepts by Dutch designers. You can also visit Tattoo & Ceramics, an exhibition merging these two ancient crafts, until 28 October.

The start of a new future

November, the last month of this cultural capital year, is approaching, but Leeuwarden- Friesland doesn’t stop sparkling. The Frisians consider it not an end, but the start of a new future. A ReOpening. While other events slowly come to a close, Leeuwarden- Friesland is yet to experience a highlight this autumn. Come celebrate nature, culture, and open community. Find inspiration in the exciting programme of the Noordelijk Film Festival. Experience theatre and music in a unique way at Explore the North. See the inner city transform into a magical decor with the LUNA Light Festival and discover much more. Join the Frisians: dare to dream, dare to act and dare to be different.