3 Indonesian High-End Guitars offered by the Ambassador of Indonesia

Edition 20 June 2017, by Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro

3 Indonesian High-End Guitars offered to George Kooymans, Henny Vrienten and Boudewijn de Groot by the Ambassador of Indonesia, HE. I. Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja

High-end custom made guitars from the city of Bandung, Indonesia, are entering the Dutch and European market. The guitars are produced as a collaboration between a Dutch company, Nehem International, and PT. Genta Trikarya from Bandung.

The product was launched at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia on 11 May in the Hague and 3 guitars were presented by the Ambassador, I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja, to 3 wellknown Dutch muscians: George Kooymans (guitarist, composer and singer of the band “Golden Earring”, in the 1960s and 70s; Henny Vrienten (composer, bass guitarist and singer of the band “Doe Maar” and another musician Boudewijn de Groot (singer/ songwriter and guitarist.

Ambassador Puja in his remarks commended the collaboration between Homestead and PT Genta Trikarya as a fine business example involving businesses from both countries. He added that the high quality guitars could further inform the public in the Netherlands about one of Indonesia’s high end finished products, such as the guitars produced in Bandung. “I am confident that this collaboration will also enhance people-to-people relations through musical instruments as I believe that music is a universal language”, said Ambassador Puja. After receiving the guitars, the trio who recently created a new band called “Vreemde Kostgangers” tried the guitars and played some of their songs. The guitars were made especially for the trio to meet their tastes and characters. All three musicians are very happy with their guitar and love the wonderful sound. At their request, Kooymans guitar is engraved with storks (coat of arms of The Hague), Boudewijn de Groot with little ducks ( coat of arms of Heemstede) and Henny Vrienten with owls (his wife’s affection for owls).

Robin van de Poll, director from Nehem International told the audience about the collaboration which started in 2012. He read about the high quality guitars produced in Bandung in a famous magazine for guitars and visited the company. “At first, I was not thinking about collaborating with the company, but after a while, we and the whole team decided to collaborate in producing a high quality brand guitar, called Homestead guitars for the European market, and we started in the Netherlands”. A representative from the Indonesian company, PT. Genta Trikarya, Mr. Awan Nasution, told the audience through video call, that the team in Bandung is proud to be able to produce the guitars for the trio musicians in the Netherlands.

Homestead Guitars products are made in Bandung based on fine Indonesian timbers such as Javanese Rosewood, Javanese Mahogany and Makassar Ebony. The products will be marketed not only in the Netherlands, but also to a wider European Union market.