Learn Dutch quickly by putting your brain to work

Many expats find the idea of learning Dutch a bit daunting because the language seems so challenging. Whether that is truly the case depends on a number of factors.

In Language Institute Regina Coeli’s language courses, which are focused on helping you rapidly and thoroughly learn a language, a lot of attention is paid to cognates (words that sound almost the same in two languages). By making that a focal point, you’ll notice that you actually recognise large chunks of text. The language trainers can easily navigate between two languages to show you these types of connections and insights. You’ll quickly notice that you know far more than you first thought.

The difficulty of a language depends on how you approach it. If you choose a method which is well-suited to you, you’ll learn the language much more quickly than when you do something which is against your nature.

Activating existing knowledge

An important trademark of the Regina Coeli method is that we start by activating the course member’s existing knowledge of the language. Most course members have some knowledge of the Dutch language. By bringing this knowledge, or even their knowledge of other languages, to the forefront, their brains are activated in such a way that they are able to make links quickly which means that certain areas of language do not need to be dealt with in such great depth.

Builds up your own specific vocabulary

By activating the brain in this way at the beginning of each day, the course member is actually steering the direction of the language training course. Everyone’s vocabulary is different according to their social and/or work situations. The vocabulary one chooses depends very much on background, interests and context. So we give our course members the opportunity to build up their own specific vocabulary in the form of a word web which they use as a kind of mind map.

A personal record of the Dutch language

Course members absorb the language extremely quickly because every day they are busy putting together words associated with a particular theme and thinking about how the words relate to one another. Each wordweb is a very personal record of the Dutch language.

Why would you learn Dutch?

Many expats who live and work in the Netherlands think it’s not really necessary to learn Dutch. English is the lingua franca at many large companies and when it isn’t, Dutch colleagues will quickly switch to English to accommodate those who don’t speak their language. So why should you bother learning Dutch? We’d like to give you three solid reasons for doing so.

1. Truly get to know the Dutch culture
Do you only want to get to know the Dutch from a distance, or would you prefer to participate more fully in Dutch society? The latter would be by far the more enjoyable and enriching option for you personally. By speaking Dutch, you’ll become more familiar with Dutch customs and habits and connect with Dutch people more easily.

2. You never know what the future holds
Even though you may not need to communicate in Dutch at present, you might in the future. Why not start now? Learning a language is a long-term process. By the time that opportunity rolls along, you will be speaking Dutch well, and a quick brush-up course for business Dutch will be all you need to ready yourself for your next career step.

3. It’s good for your brain
Learning a foreign language is healthy! MRI scans have shown that certain parts of the brain grow in individuals who actively and intensively learn a language. That’s obviously also then the case when you fully immerse yourself in a new language after moving to another country as an expat.

Another study has shown that people who speak multiple languages develop Alzheimer’s at a later age than those who speak only one. Learning a language positively influences the brain and helps keep the it in good condition. So it’s self-evident: If you are an expat living in the Netherlands, start learning Dutch!

Exclusive: language training for families

Language Institute Regina Coeli also offers language courses for families, specifically with the expat in mind. In a completely tailor-made language course which prepares you and your family for an extended stay abroad, we combine private language training for you and your partner with an engaging and practical language course for your children. We design the children’s course to fit their ages, abilities and interests.

Language Institute Regina Coeli at a glance

-Time-tested method based on scientific insights
– Individual lessons focused on your personal goals and what you need the language for
-Native language trainers who speak numerous languages so that most students get explanations in their own language -Extensive experience in training both beginners and advanced speakers from a range of professional backgrounds -Tailor-made language training in the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish
-Situated in Vught. the tranquil surroundings found here allow you to shut yourself off from the world and fully concentrate on learning