Embassy Festival 2021 confirmed in a unique and intimate style

We are very excited to confirm the Embassy Festival 2021. Despite Covid adjustments and restrictions we have managed to create a festival that captures the spirit and atmosphere of the Embassy Festival as you know and love it. The 2 day festival has been split into 2 separate activities. On Friday the 3rd of September we have our Embassy Festival TOUR and on Saturday the 4th of September the Embassy Festival EXPERIENCE which will consist of 3 time slots of 3 hours each. More than 20 countries are participating this year with food, drinks and dance, but we are sure to book soon, because tickets are very limited.

Embassy Festival EXPERIENCE (4/9/21 – Lange Voorhout)
Without giving too much away, this year’s event will be very special. We have for you an amazing experience, with the beautiful mix of cultures, a variety of entertainment and the smell of beautiful foods that will fill the festival. The only difference this year is that you have to reserve a ticket for a seat before you can enter the festival.

You will be able to order food and drinks from the embassy’s menus using the QR code at your table. Meanwhile entertainment such as singing, dancing and music will be moving in between your tables and interacting with you.

This years participating embassies for the EXPERIENCE are: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia Herzegovina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Plurinational State Of Bolivia, Russia, Slovenia, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine And United Arab Emirates.

Tickets for adults (13+) are €7,95 per person and children (12 and under) have to register but are welcome to join for free.
(Tickets link – https://embassyfestival.com/experience/)

Embassy Festival TOUR (3/9/21 – Various Locations in the Hague)
This year we will have the first Embassy Festival Tour. From tours of the actual embassy building and food tasting in the gardens, to trying on national costumes and participating in the countries national activities and games. Anything is possible! We have arranged an exciting route for you to visit some of the participating embassies. We recommend a bike for the tour route. Due to Covid rules and regulation we can only offer a limited number of tickets for this tour. Guests can come alone or with a group. This year the following embassies are participating in the Embassy TOUR: Azerbaijan, Estonia, Panama, Plurinational State Of Bolivia And The Republic Of Korea.

Tickets are €7,95 per person and you are required to bring identification (ID card or passport) to be allowed into some embassies.(Tickets link – https://embassyfestival.com/tour/)

Embassy Festival RECIPE BOOKLETAfter a smashing success in our 2020 Embassy Festival at Home edition. This year we are proud to introduce our 2nd edition of the RECIPE BOOKLET! The Embassy Festival recipe booklet is put together by more than 30 participating embassies, so that you can bring those international flavours to your home. Expect a world trip in a booklet with mouthwatering dishes from over more than 30 countries! With the purchase of the booklet you also support the Embassy Festival.

€9,95 (discounts available for Embassy Festival Experience or Tour ticket holders)
(Order link – https://embassyfestival.com/product/recipe-booklet/