Uzbekistan, was granted the status of EU’s General System of Preferences Plus (GSP+)

On Friday, April 9, Uzbekistan has been granted the status of a beneficiary country of the EU’s General System of Preferences Plus (“GSP+”).
The EU Commission based its decision on the reports of its monitoring groups, which confirmed Uzbekistan’s compliance with the provisions of 27 international conventions in the field of human rights protection, compliance with labor standards, environmental protection and good governance. This is the main requirement of the European side for the provision of GSP+.

The Uzbek side began work on obtaining the status of a beneficiary country of the General System of Preferences Plus (“GSP+”) in early 2020. After the completion of the internal approval process, Uzbekistan submitted an application to the European Commission for the “GSP+” status on June 9, 2020.

Currently, Uzbekistan uses the basic General System of preferences (GSP), under which the republic can export 3,000 items of goods to the EU countries without customs duties and 3,200 items of goods at reduced rates. In turn, the GSP+ provides for a significant expansion of commodity items for duty-free access. If it is obtained, Uzbek producers and exporters will be able to enjoy unilateral tariff preferences when exporting their goods to the European market. At the same time, the number of commodity items that can be exported duty-free to the EU countries will increase to 6,200.

Only in the textile industry it will make it possible to increase exports of products by almost $ 300 million per year.

Written by  Nanda Jagusiak-Monteiro