The Venetian Kitchen in Holland ! (Restaurant)

Recently The Hague was surprised with a new excellent ristorante Veneziano. Very nicely located, opposite the fabulous delicious sweetness shop with the best patisserie around, at the famous Denneweg 59a. Central situated in one of the most interested parts of the City. This Italian masters of Italian and Venetian cooking will serve you an unforgettable lunch or diner.

La Fenice gives you all you are looking for. Great food and a fantastic atmosphere. It is advisable to reserve in advance as many people found out about this culinair paradise! Ask for Marco or Daniele… they will be more then happy to serve you ! A very good thing at La Fenice is that you can have a fantastic meal at a low price. Just have a funghi (mushrooms) risotto or a pizza. No need to have a large meal. Myself, I go for the Pizza Margherita. Easy with just tomato and mozzarella! All this to be combined with the very good dry white wines or with one of the other excellent wines served at La Fenice. Having a light lunch with small costs and a lot of pleasure. I think for most people enough. And don’t forget your lunch regalo (your gift for the coming days) during the months November,

December and January. Having lunch with 4 ……. paying for 3! (Only at lunch eating with 4 (minimum 4 couverts) and paying for 3) Very good to combine with your business lunch ! Buon appetito!

Daniele, the Master of Italian and Venetian food, has more special dishes to enjoy. His Fettucine alla Daniele, the pennetta alla Sorrentina, the Ravioli al Limone di Amalfi e pesto e noci, Risotto alle zafferano con zucchini e gamberi, Pasta al Forno, Pesce Spada alla Marco and various types of Pizza’s. (Margherita – with real mozzarella, Vegetariana with mozzarella, tomato sauce and grilled vegetables) Another good advise for Christmas is Pasta di Natale (pasta with vegetables and pesto) Also a good advise (as said above) is to ask for the Marco’s Panini’s to take to you Office and all your collegues or staff will be jealous ! Owner Marco has followed the culinair advises of his Venetian Mother and Family. As a small child he learned about the tastefully dishes in his area. His parents owned one of the best known Venetian Restaurants ,, Le Bistrot de Venice ,, And as a young boy he was helping in the kitchen en serving guests. His grand mother teached him to prepare a special Tagliatelle all ‘uovo and his Grand father (Nonno) to prepare the sauce.

Phone 070-361 52 12

They are open from 11.00 till 23.00 and you will enjoy the pleasant service, the kindness and the perfect dishes.